Plan Commission

Plan Commission

N8870 Briggs Street
East Troy, WI 53120

Phone: (262) 642-5299
Fax: (262) 642-5227
Email: [email protected]

Planning Commission

Regular Monthly meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of the month to meet at the Troy Town Hall, N8870 Briggs Street, East Troy starting at 7:00 pm.

The Town of Troy Planning Commission was authorized by a directive from the Town of Troy Annual Meeting, April 8, 1978. The Planning Commission consists of six appointed citizens of the Town of Troy, an appointed Secretary, and one member of the Town Board. The purpose of the Planning Commission is to create and recommend a Land Use Plan for the Town of Troy. In addition, the Planning Commission will conduct public hearings on Zoning Amendment applications and Conditional Use Permit applications (CUP’s). They also review Certified Survey Map Applications (CSM’s). the Planning Commission makes recommendations regarding such matters to the Town of Troy Board in an advisory capacity.

The Town of Troy has partnered with Walworth County and thirteen other County communities in it’s vision and planning for the future through The Multi-jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan for Walworth County: 2035. The Plan can be accessed online at:

The Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Troy: 2035 was approved by the Town Board on September 29, 2009 and will be the Plan used to guide the Town’s Land Use for the future.

Current Fee Schedule

Application type Meeting type Application fee/sign refund
Zoning Amendment Application
Zoning Regular Meeting 450.00/80.00
Zoning Special Meeting 650.00/80.00
Zoning Site View 200.00/80.00
Conditional Use Permit Application
CUP Regular Meeting 450.00/80.00
CUP Special Meeting 650.00/80.00
CUP Site View 200.00
Certified Survey Map Review Application
CSM Regular Meeting 175.00
CSM Special Meeting 375.00
CSM Site View 200.00
Plat of  Survey Map Review Application
Plat Regular Meeting 250.00
Add'l per lot over 5 lots Regular Meeting 10.00
Plat Special Meeting 450.00
Plat Site View 200.00
Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment
Plan Map Regular Meeting 1150.00
Plan Map Special Meeting 1350.00
Plan Map Site View 200.00

Checks are to be made payable to the Town of Troy.

All fees are non-refundable with the following exceptions only:

‘$80.00 sign refund’. Refunds are subject to condition of signage upon removal from the posted property.

Town reserves the right to refund any portion of the Plan Amendment application fee.

Submit applications to:

Planning Commission Secretary

Тоwn of Troy

N8870 Briggs Street
East Troy, WI  53120