Comprehensive Plan

2035 Draft of Comprehensive Plan

The 2035 Draft for the Town of Troy was approved by the Town Board on September 29, 2009.

Following several years of work as a “Smart Growth Committee” beginning in 2004, the Town of Troy has partnered with Walworth County and thirteen other County communities in it’s vision and planning for the future through The Multi-jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan for Walworth County: 2035. The Plan can be accessed online at:

Goals & Objective

“At the heart of this vision is a sustainable land use pattern, served by efficient public facility and service systems, that meets the social, economic, physical, ecological, and quality-of-life needs of the County. This vision includes relatively compact urban areas providing basic urban services and facilities; a safe, efficient transportation system; a strong agricultural resource base closely connected to resource-rich open spaces; a clean sustainable water resource; and abundant public and private recreational opportunities-all while retaining the County’s cultural heritage and rural character.”

General Objectives

Adopted as guideline and reference by the Town of Troy Planning Commission July 18, 1979

  • Protection or wise use of the natural resource base.
  • An attractive and healthful physical and social environment with ample opportunities for education, cultural activities, and outdoor recreation.
  • Maintenance of desirable existing developments (residential, commercial, agricultural, and recreational) to support economic and social values; renewal of obsolete development; and prevention of slums and blight.
  • Economic growth under the free enterprise system adequate to maintain maximum employment and high standard of living.
  • Efficient and economic provision of community services and facilities at an acceptable level.
  • A population growth rate consistent with the above objectives, especially the preservation of the natural resource base and rural character of the town.

Land Use Objectives

Adopted as guideline and reference by the Town of Troy Planning Commission July 18, 1979

  • A proper allocation of space to the various land uses necessary to meet economic, social, and physical needs of the population.
  • A land use pattern that will provide a compatible arrangement of land uses, and will minimize land use conflicts.
  • A land use pattern that will provide for the protection and wise use of the natural resources of the town.
  • A land use pattern that is economically related to transportation and public utility systems.
  • Provision of a highway system that is consistent with the county jurisdictional highway plan, provides adequate collector streets, and sets standards for property access.
  • The concentration of residential development in areas equipped to provide utilities and services.
  • The development and maintenance of residential areas with a physical environment that is healthy, safe, convenient, and attractive.
  • The preservation of open space to give support to the following: a high quality environment, natural resource base, an efficient and attractive land use pattern, year-round recreational opportunities.
  • Preservation of agricultural lands that have productivity potential.
  • Promotion of good soil and water conservation practices, regulate storm run-off; and to reduce erosion and sedimentation, stream and lake sedimentation, pollution and eutrophication.
  • Prevention of development in flood plains.
  • Protection of ground water quality.
  • Promote and preserve high quality water of all lakes and streams in the town.
  • Very careful regulation of land uses to protect land resources, water qualities and the delicate character of the lake and stream ecology. Preservation of natural wildlife habitat at areas.

Link to Ordinance 2014-1 Land Division Ordinance for the Town of Troy - Approved January 8, 2014:

2014-1 - Land Division Ordinance

2014-5 - An Ordinance to Amend Ordinance 2014-1 Known as the Land Division Ordinance for the Town of Troy